Heat Exchangers

Using heat exchangers as a working process is common tool in production units. They are needed everywhere where liquids or gases have to be cooled or heated.
We offer heat exchangers, also spare parts and maintenance tools for heat exchangers.

Products are divided into: 

  • plate heat exchangers – brazed, gasketed, welded metal heat exchangers
  • graphite heat exchangers – tube & shell, plate and block heat exchangers
  • welded metal “plate and shell” type and “tube and shell” type heat exchangers
  • oil/air cooling units
  • electrical oil pre-heaters
Funke products

Oil/air cooling unit, electrical pre-heater, tube&shell heat exchanger

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Assortment of Heat Exchangers

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Heat Exchanger Plates 

funke welded plate heat exchangers

Welded Block Heat Exchanger