SERTO Radial Fittings

SERTO manufactures the unique “Radial tube union system” in stainless steel, brass, steel and offers a wide range of valves and PVDF / PA-fittings.

VIDEOS: The advatages of the SERTO standard solution:


1. Radial Dismantling

Radial Dismantling

Radial Dismantling

Non-destructive disassembly allows repeated mounting that saves time and money, avoiding cost for replacement of unions and tubes.
Eliminates tube bending or straining for dismounting that reduces disassembly time.

2. Easy Mounting

The Order of Mounting is not Important

The Order of Mounting is not Important

No need for special assembly tools. This saves costs.
Pre-mounting in workshop, making installation at site fast and simple.
Allows free choice of sequence for tube installation - simplifies assembly.

3. Flat Face Sealing

Flat Face Sealing

Flat Face Sealing

Eliminates a problem of wear-out of O-rings or other gaskets, because no gaskets are needed. This avoids maintenance time and cost. 

4. Compression Ferrule

Serto ühendus

Serto Connection

Does not bite into tube allowing to use thin-walled pipes. This saves cost and weight.
Resistant against high vibration - avoids downtime.
Permits mounting metal unions on plastic tubes – saves labor cost and time for bending

5. High Modularity


Module System

Allows connecting different tube diameters, thread types and sizes – reduces amount of unions, sealing areas, mounting time and cost.

6. “CAD online-library”

Download of STEP files from “CAD-Library“ - speeds up design work.

Cad-online Library

SERTO-online catalogue