Heat Resistant Materials

We offer heat resistant industrial textile materials, materials with heat resistant fibres and ready-made products for electric power stations, boiler houses, thermal insulation companies and process industry.

Materials are divided into:     

  • aramid fiber materials – max temperature 350ºC; material has good abrasion and chemical resistance
  • glass fibre materials - max temperature 550ºC
  • ceramic fibre and bio-ceramic materials - max temperature 1260/1000ºC; materials have good chemical resistance.


  • twisted ropes and braided packings
  • braided tapes and sleeves
  • fabrics and coated fabrics (coatings – silicone, aluminum foil, polyurethane etc)
  • blankets and felts
  • insulation boards and papers
  • ceramic clues

 Ready-made products:

  • fabric expansion joints for steam lines and exhaust gas systems
  • insulation pillows for exhaust gas systems

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Ceramic Fibre Braids

Technical data sheets:

Packings, ropes, tapes from E-glass fibre and ceramic fibre
Felts and blankets from ceramic fibre
Cerpak boards
Thermofix glue 
Gluecon 1000 glue