Lid Seals and Profile Seals

TekTrade Baltic offers static lid seals, door frame seals and profile seals from rubber and thermoplastic elastomers.


  • Large flanges
  • Manhole seals
  • Door frame seals
  • Lid seals for food processing and pharmaceutical industry
  • Lid seals for chemical industry

The variety of materials differs:

  • Rubber materials like NBR, EPDM, Silicone, FPM, SBR etc
  • Plastic materials like PTFE, FEP, PU etc
  • Glass and ceramic fibres
  • Aramid and Nomex fibres
  • Expanded graphite

Product categories: 

  • Heat resistant textile materials like tapes, packings, ropes from glass and ceramic fibres 
  • Profile seals from rubber and plastic materials 
  • Inflatable seals for sealing moving components which need to be separated or sealed frequently
  • Graphite and PTFE tapes with adhesive back
  • O-rings from rubber materials and chemical resistant FEP/PFA o-rings
  • Special Man-Lid packings for Tank Covers and Hatches 


Suruõhuga profiiltihend

Profile Seal from Rubber

PTFE paelad

PTFE Tapes


Man-Lid Packings

Kuumakindlad tekstiilmaterjalid

Heat Resistant Textile Materials


Profile Seal from Rubber


Graphite Tape

FEP ja PFA O rõngad

FEP and PFA O-Rings